Proceedings of Conference on Implementing Research for Future India - 2015

Implementation of Science and Technology alone can determine the growth of the country in terms of wealth of all the people, quality life of the people, in making India globally competitive, in utilising natural resources in a sustainable manner, in protecting the environment and ensuring national security. The conference on "Implementing Research for Future India - 2015" which held on 21st February mainly focused on developing a pathway that leads the research from ideas or laboratory results to the spot of application. The conference discussed on various implementation activities, which varied based on the nature of the research ideas, processes or products, and their field of application.

The conference was a regional science gathering that was frequented by science experts from different research sectors including national research centres, industrial and academic research and governing bodies, and young minds. The conference aimed at the core objective to produce a simple and effective implementation process prototype, which could serve as a unique guide for the young researchers to step into the world of implementing research that could redefine the future India. This online proceeding of the conference is the compile of abstracts of all the research works and concepts that were presented by the students on conference day, which was further taken online where their ideas or research were open to suggestions on how to take them to the next level.

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