Phytomolecules for life

Atoms and molecules form the base for the existence of life in the world. Being an omnivore, human being depends upon both the plants and animals for energy and nutrition. However, when our conditions turn to become ill, we start to look for a remedy, which is mostly centred on a therapeutic moiety or a group of the same. These therapeutic moieties are being chemically synthesised since recent centuries and are aiding in recovery from illnesses. Since ancient period there exists a principal competitor for chemical therapeutics and that is our plants again.

Plants through their macromolecules predominantly serve as energy providers and through their micromolecules act as needy therapeutical agents. They pave way for living, curing and preventing. A wide range of plant metabolites that are present in our food interact with our regular metabolism and boost the processes; they also clear the stress and hurdles of the body in multidimentional ways and take the pioneering way of preventing the diseases. Phytochemistry is a field of study that deals with these essential phytomolecules of plant. There has been so many metabolites well studied and documented in the recent decades and they are in a row to be utilised in a beneficiary way through some interdisciplinary approaches. In this book, we have organised and delivered various research activities involving phytochemical extraction, and analysis and application in food products to boost the preventive and curing nature of the eatables.

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