What is an O-Book?
An O-Book stands for a complete online book which will be published and made available only through online web media.
Where the O-Books will be available?
The O-Books will be available at BioLim's O-Books portal.
How the O-Books can be accessed?
An O-Book can be accessed completely through online based on its access policy.
In what access mode the O-Books can be published?
An O-Book can be published in only open access and selective open access modes.
How to publish an O-Book?
Authors can submit the book manuscript for publication through their BioLim O-Media account. Following the submission, the publication manager will assist the author in further publishing process.
How much it will cost to publish a book?
It varies based on the book's nature, volume, scope, access mode, etc. Hence, it is advised for authors to communicate with the respective officer through our communication channels and request for a quote.
Does the author need to take a publishing agreement in order to publish a book?
Yes, an author will be requested to take a publishing agreement in order to publish a book. The agreement varies based on the nature of the book and channel in which it gets published. The authors can discuss about the publishing agreement with the publication manager through the user account.